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Outreach Campaign
  • By Trennel USA
  • / May 26, 2022
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Connecting with new potential customers online is not as tricky as it may seem. There is a road map that any business owner can use to generate quick results. It doesn’t matter if you are not a genius in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as long as you have the personal touch and can reach your customers and draw them to your offerings. To build an effective outreach campaign takes only a few simple steps: Identify your ideal customer, create irresistible offers, and get their email address.

Know Your Ideal Customer

Research the demographics for your product and don’t try to market to everyone. Your message should be targeted to your ideal customer. Demographics can include elements like age, income level, ethnicity, gender, and even location of your ideal customer. By knowing who your ideal customer is, you also learn where they are likely to congregate online and that’s where you should be doing some marketing. Once you’ve narrowed down who your ideal customer is and why they, in particular, want to buy your product – then, you create a marketing offer.

Roll Out Irresistible Offers

Outreach involves going to your potential new customer and providing them with solutions to their most pressing problems. Social networking can be an excellent way to build an audience who will respond to your offers. Engage your friends and followers with helpful tidbits on content relevant to your product and services. This way they can learn and begin to view you as an expert. At appropriate intervals, release a product offering for your audience that they can get by following a link to an offer page on your website and giving you their email address. Informational products like a free e-book, tip sheet, or instructional video are great ways to engage the audience and capture an email address at the same time.

The Email List is Key

Without an email, visitors can come and go to your site and you will never be able to contact them. With an email, you can start to create a campaign that does not have to comply with a particular social networking’s policies. You are free to market the list without fear of having your social networking accounts banned. Remember to include free, helpful, content as well as offers in your email campaign. Make it fun to be on the list by offering coupon codes, contests, and giveaways as a thank you gift for those willing to sign up and support your business. Stay visible on your social networking sites to attract new prospects, but use the list to manage people who are most likely to buy products and support your company in the future.

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